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S91 Nic The Weasel1 by TGTF

The Power Gem shone on it's engraved podium, beckoning my hands to caress its smooth, green surface, to hold its warmth against my breast. It'd taken nearly a year of searching to finally find it, combating the elements as well as fellow bounty and treasure hunters, all of whom would kill for the gem. And here I was, the last man standing. This gem was coated with the blood of good, smart men, but it was meant for only one. Its power, according to the surviving documents, was to grant one wish. I already knew what I wanted, something that would cement me in history rather than in wealth or power. Shane Newman was about to become the most well respected, best bounty hunter in the entire world.

I reached for the stone, lifting it from its perch, and said aloud my wish. And with that, the gem disappeared, a green light piercing my chest, and I felt changes begin.

My clothes were ripped from my body, leaving me stark naked in the lost temple. I looked down at my feet as my smallest two toes merged together and my big toe getting smaller as my entire foot compressed into a tiny, bestial shape. I watched my toenails become more like animal claws, though clipped and well groomed lest they pierce any boots or shoes I may wear. I was filled with wonder at what was happening to me, not so much a fear of what was happening as much as an awe. My smaller feet were slowly growing a purple fuzz that, upon touching it, felt so soft I couldn't help but continue feeling my feet. The fur grew still upward, covering my now smaller ankle as pain wracked my entire body. My bones screamed as they were crushed together. I felt as if gravity were pushing down on me, turning me squat and tiny, though my body sprung back up into a regular shape after, though I was much shorter. In fact, I was barely as tall as the podium I once towered over. I must only be three and a half feet tall. Holy shit, what was happening to me?

Fear sets in. My wish is backfiring, somehow. This gem has plans of its own. The purple fur on my ankles move slowly up my legs, my human black leg hair falling off and my legs losing muscle mass, instead gaining the kind of feminine fat you'd expect on...well, a female. my calves are small and purple now, and...well, it's turning me on a little. I don't want this to be a turn on, but something inside me is enjoying this, something inside me feels that everything taking place is...right. As the fur gently bursts from my thighs, my thighs plumping up to beautiful femininity, I start to fondle myself.

I climax for the last time as a human male right as my male hips explode outward, leaving me screaming in pain, and leaving my genitals room to change. My balls are sucked inside of me and I feel them moving to either side of my waist, the last of my sperm spilling out of me. My testicles become ovaries, storing hundreds of eggs. Meanwhile, my penis is slowly sucking inside of me as the folds of my ballsack become the opening of my new womanhood. My fingers slip inside me as my clitoris forms and I realize all my testosterone is being destroyed, eaten away by estrogen. Thoughts of bikini clad women on the beaches not far from here are replaced with...of all things, male weasels. Thinking about my ideal boyfriend turns me on and I moan as I allow my first female orgasm. God, this feels so good.

The purple fur covers my privates and hips as my butt plumps a little, petite and beautiful. As fur grows over it I feel a pain above it, a pain so bad it sends me to my knees. My spine is elongating, pushing out of my body along with a huge mass of flesh that was never there before. It's a huge tumor that grows out of me, curling upward and tapering to a rounded tip. A tail! Nearly as long as I am tall, it feels soft and cements in me a feeling that I never felt as a male. My tail is one of my favorite parts about me, and something that the males really like.

My stomach caves inward, all the fat disappearing, being replaced by hard muscle. My sides become hourglass shaped as new, white fur begins to appear on my tummy. It grows up to my chest as the purple surrounds it. I'm feeling so sexy, yet also really badass. Deep down inside, I know I can do anything. I'm more than a bounty hunter now. I'm a woman, I'm a weasel, and I'm the goddamned best in the business.

Wait, one of those things is really weird.

My arms lose muscle as the fur grows over them and my ring and pinky fingers on both hands merge together, leaving me with four digits on each. Nails grow and my new hands are suddenly groping at my chest. Oh my God does my chest feel amazing. My nipples expand a little, while mammary glands appear behind them and fat pushes my new breasts out a tiny bit. They're so sensitive...I never notice my back arching and the fur beginning to grow up my neck.

My Adam's apple disappears, leaving my voice feminized and sexy. White fur is exploding out of my face at an alarming rate, and I feel a pulling sensation. My nose and mouth are pushing outward, becoming a wonderful muzzle. I feel my teeth becoming sharper and more pointed. One fang pokes out much longer than the other. Meanwhile, I feel my muzzle round out, my nose rounding into a blue cap at the end. My nostrils are small and bestial, but boy does it feel good to have a muzzle. Being a human sucks! You humans don't know what you're missing!

My brown hair falls out and purple fur starts to cover the rest of my head as my eyes grow obscenely large, merging together at the bottom middle. My hazel iris's turn a beautiful blue as my eyelashes grow out and turn a darker shade of black. A little purple hair flows into one eye and I push it aside as I feel my ears move to the top of my head, becoming longer and more rectangular. I could hear so much better, and I realized I heard a helicopter outside the temple. More bounty hunters come for the treasure? Too late!

A braid of purple hair appears as I feel boots appear on my feet, a belt at my waist, and a tank top covers my chest. Gloves and a hat finish my clothing and leave me standing in the temple as a female Weasel named...

What was it? Not Shane Newman, who the hell is that? My name's Nicolette! And...I look around the room and realize the treasure isn't here. Where's the Power Gem at? It couldn't have been grabbed by someone else! Nobody beats me to the treasure!

"Nic? You're taking forever! Did you get the Power Gem?" She heard her twin brother Nack's voice before she saw him. He ran into the room, looked around, and cursed. "It's already gone?"


"Dammit...there's gotta be something else here at least. Let's ransack this place then have a talk with Rouge the Bat. I have a niggling feeling she'll know something about this."
My part of a trade with :iconcatsgobrown: who wanted a Nic the Weasel TG. I hope you like it :D
Ch1biKuro Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Cute but not a fan of the whole mind change stufffssss
Vinomath Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Thanks! I love it! I'll release my side soon! 
TGTF Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you do :D I tried my best  :D
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