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Ryu liked to consider himself an otaku; though his friends would probably call him a raving otaku. His opinion meant everything to him and if someone didn't like his favorite anime, then he grew into a spiteful creature with a look of smugness in his eyes as he destroyed his opponents life with but a few short sentences. When a con came around, he was the guy with the expensive cosplay he made himself and the bag full of figures.

The one constant in his life seemed to be his weekly sit downs with his favorite anime. In front of the flat screen TV in his bedroom he felt part of the experience, crying and laughing and flailing about right along with the characters.

It was when he was checking the forums on a local website that he found something interesting, an anime circle where all the fans would meet up at a fast food joint and talk about what they liked and why they liked it. Making new friends sounded nice, especially if he could find people who enjoyed the anime he liked.

The day of the meet up, he was fairly quiet. He didn't feel like he belonged. He was surrounded by girls, not a man at the table. Every time he tried to leave he was pulled back in by the lady in charge who engaged him in dry conversation before moving to someone else.

He started home when the lady who created the group yelled at him from behind.

"Hey, you want to follow me?"

"Huh?" Ryu stepped toward her, wondering what she wanted him to follow her for.

"Let me take you to my house. I want to talk to you." Her voice hid something. There was an ulterior motive to her actions, what it was Ryu could only guess. Being the sucker he was, though, he followed her to her huge house.

She offered him tea and he declined politely before taking a seat across from her.

"The group really wants you to be a part. I felt really bad that you didn't fit in too well."

"Story of my life."

"And I can change that if you'd let me."

"You're going to force these people to be my friend?"

"No, but I can make you fit in and feel a lot better about yourself."

"At what price?" Ryu's eyes slit.

"Well, that." She pointed at his pants. Ryu followed her finger, then looked back up at her, then back to his crotch.

"You...want to do me?"

The woman laughed hysterically. "No, that wouldn't solve anything." She stood and stopped in front of Ryu, pressing her index finger against his head. "But this will." She flicked his forehead. Before he could object he passed out, his nose pointing at the ceiling.

He woke up in a bedroom, scratching his head and trying to piece together why the hell he had been experiencing key moments in his life through a perspective uniquely his own yet...different.

As he scratched his head he noticed that it was a different texture, a lot silkier. It was falling into his eyes and seemed to keep growing. He watched in half horror, half fascination as his brown, short hair, became long, black hair. He played with it for a long time before he felt his whole body tense and compress itself, his bones crunching disgustingly as they ground against each other. He was getting shorter, his five foot eight inch height turned to just five feet in thirty seconds of pain. He tried to run for the door, to ask just what the hell was happening, but tripped as his feet went from size thirteen to size six. He had gone from a seventeen year old boy to a thirteen year old boy with a freaky, girly haircut.

He lost much of his muscles and his stomach fat dissipated with what felt like a 747 ramming him in the gut. What was left behind was hardened and flat. He watched his fingers in fascination as the nails grew. That was replaced with pain as his skull changed, becoming smoother. His entire skin then became less pitted, less tanned. The mole on his back disappeared, leaving behind pale white skin. The mole on his back appeared on his face, under his left eye. Speaking of which, his iris's shifted color, a storm of color playing across the orbs before deciding on red. His nose was smaller, cuter. His lips and teeth and tongue changed to fit the new face, the lips and teeth and tongue of a young girl.

The hair on his body had disappeared with the change of his skin type. He was curled in the fetal position as the painful changes continued. He was squeezing his legs, skinny little legs at that, to push through the pain.

If he was going to be a girl though, which he realized was what was happening, then he was missing a couple things.

They came though, starting with a pair of small breasts, the nipples sensitive to his touch. He noticed that he had an erection, the female hormones destroying his male hormones exciting him immensely. His entire DNA was changing, and the thought...kind of excited him.

He reached down to feel his penis, to say goodbye to it. As his hand trailed down his stomach, which had curves on both sides now, he felt his hips expand just a little, giving him an hourglass figure. His hand touched his lower area as his butt grew a little mass. He felt his penis and balls retract inside of him and change his entire lower body. It was immensely pleasurable, and in the end his balls had become ovaries and his penis had turned into a cervix and fallopian tubes. His fingers touched the tight, young flower where his penis had been and quickly backed away as the dream he had experienced attacked his mind. As that dream became reality, as his lifetime became her lifetime, as his memories became her memories, as his entire life meant nothing because he had never existed but in the mind of the head of the anime group, his clothing changed.

His (he had not fully become her yet, his entire mind was being rewritten as this happened) breasts were padded by a soft white bra that rounded to his feminine back. His T-shirt's sleeves disappeared and the fabric changed. The collar became frilly, with a bow encircling the neck. Buttons popped out and the bottom of the shirt cut so that slits appeared on three sides.

His boxers changed to a pair of panties. His jeans became a lighter fabric and tightened against his tiny legs, turning gray. Over the gray leggings, a pair of white, frilly bloomers fit themselves, this followed by a black dress with white frills.

His mind was now her mind and she stood, dusting her dress off and looking around. "What am I doing here?" She asked in her new voice. She did not feel the fake ears and tail that appeared on her body.

"Saori, what am I doing in your house?" The tiny, black haired girl asked.

Saori smiled and handed the girl her purse, what had once been Ryu's wallet. "I don't know."

"Did I fall asleep at the meeting?"

Saori nodded, figuring it the best excuse. "Yes you did Kuroneko."

There was a small part of Ryu in the back of this new girl's brain, and it attempted to regain control, but was completely overtaken by the mention of the girl's name.

Saori knew what she had done, and was the only person with any memories of a person named Ryu. As Kuroneko left the house, Saori smiled. She was sure that Ryu would now make a lot of new friends and be a lot happier.
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Zatmani7 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is weird it remembers me the story of ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ganai xD
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very nice work
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awesome job missed u on DA xD ;A; glad to see ur back
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Thank you! I'm trying to find ways to get it so that these won't get taken down again :/
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