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Tumblr Myih2ktooy1r3rdh2o1 500 by TGTF

After Josh's mother died a few days before his fifth birthday, his father, Joel, had no idea what to do with himself or his child. His shipping business was going well but it didn't assuage the pain of a house devoid of happiness or the smell of fresh cooked food. He left his son with the grandparents, who regaled Josh with stories of their travels back in the olden days, when the entire galaxy was at war and their entire home world was terraformed to make room for a race of telekinetic sandworms. Josh wouldn't have minded the stories if they weren't told once every other day and when his father returned from a long week, month, or even couple months of hauling freight across the universe, he jumped at the opportunity to spend any amount of time messing around with his dad. They avoided their house at all costs, afraid the ghost of Lily would return and make their time together somber. Instead they went traveling to other worlds and stayed in crappy hotels, about all Joel could afford.

When Josh turned seven, Joel decided it was high-time he took his son on a full-blooded adventure into the great unknown. Packing up a lot of clothes and other necessities, the two men hopped into Joel's cargo freighter and flew off, a delivery of thousands of Lemonian limes needing to be delivered within the week. It took only four days to deliver, and Joel was happy to finally dock in the cargo bay of one of the more popular Boobies establishments in the universe. Having been to his fair share of the restaurants, he decided now would be a good time to use his Frequent Patron card to get himself a free meal. Of course, he couldn't bring his son inside as the place wasn't particularly family friendly. Well, there were no rules against it but some deep-seated moral obligation to his very conservative wife made him decide to leave Josh to his sleep in his room, leaving Joel to enjoy a drink, a hot steak, and perhaps hit up one of the hotties.

He'd be back in an hour. Josh wouldn't wake up before that and if he did he'd find a note saying Joel had some business to attend to and he'd be back soon.

Twenty-three minutes later Josh was wandering about the ship, exploring every nook and corner. Dad leaving gave him the perfect opportunity to do something dad didn't like. Sneaking around, Josh found all kinds of storage crates and a room full of what looked like weapons. His exploration took him to a hatch leading to the outside. Small robots were coming in and out of the hatch, those coming in picking up big crates (full of limes) then carrying them outside. Josh waltzed past them and started down a ramp, following the closest robot toward a huge stack of the crates.

"Where might my dad be?" He asked one of the robots as it dropped off its load.

"Are you a patron or a worker?" The robot said in a prerecorded message.

"Um...what's a patron?"

"Then you are a worker? Through that door." The robot pointed and Josh decided to go that way.

Through the door he found himself in what appeared to be a locker room. A black haired, four armed woman saw him and giggled. "Sneaky little curious boy!" She said in a manly voice.

A door on the other side of the locker room slid open and a man in a suit came in, looking around angrily. "I swear to God we keep losing girls. The show's in five minutes and our best girl fucking quits. I need loyalty dammit. You women make thousands of dollars just for being idiots with nice tits and all I want is a little respect." He saw Josh and sighed. "Who the fucks the kid? He the replacement? Huh? This the best you could find Xnolvix? Eh? You want me to fucking throw a uniform on his little ass and replace the girl half the fucking customers came to see?"

The four-armed girl shrugged and pointed out the shower. "You could always use that Skank-in-a-Bottle you talk about. It only works on the weak minded, right?"

"Yeah, but it's so iffy. A girl could be a total fucking ditz but still have a college degree in rocket engineering. A guy could be the horniest little lech in town and still be a college professor...wait, are you suggesting I use it on the kid? You want me to fucking monopolize on the apparent lost pup?"

"Well, you monopolize on everything in this ship with a pair of tits." Xnolvix muttered.

"Good point." The boss laughed and pointed at the kid. "Come with me kid. You lost your parents or something?"

"My dad's doing business with you..."

The boss snickered. "The guy who brought all the fucking spoiled limes? Wonderful! Not only do I get to punish the asshole for his failure, I also get a replacement!"

Josh knew something bad was going down, even if he didn't understand some of the words. He started to run for it. Dozens of metal lockers passed by him as he finally made it to the door to the cargo bay...

Only to run into the manager whose long legs allowed him to run much faster than Josh.

"Come with me brat." He grabbed Josh by the collar and hauled him toward the showers in an adjoining room. "Don't you fret. You won't remember any of this. And you'll be paid handsomely on top of having hundreds of horny eyes staring at your luscious body. I think I'll make you human, I won't change your race...hmm...or maybe I'll throw in something exotic, something not even you would know about. Cloudian perhaps? They're supposedly a dead race but maybe my chemicals can bring them back. What do you say?"

Josh was strapped to a table in a shower stall. He tried moving his arms and legs but couldn't do a thing. The manager left for about twenty minutes to go to a small lab where he and some scientists messed around with the chemical and DNA composition of the Skank-in-a-Bottle. They then moved the new, gaseous compound into a round container that they could attach to the shower head.

Josh watched the canister be attached to the shower head and the manager back away with a smile. "In five minutes, I'll have a sexy new you!" And with that, Josh never saw the manager again.

Instead he saw a pink mist escape the shower head, a sticky substance that attached to his skin and then seemed to burrow inside, leaving his entire body freezing cold. He tried to escape his bonds but was too weak, the mist somehow immobilizing his arms and legs and leaving him docile. One thing he could do, though, was scream in pain as he felt his body stretch. The four and a half foot boy was being pulled as if two opposing black holes were working at him. His feet, arms, and torso all felt like putty being worked by some cosmic entity.

He was now five and a half feet tall, though the tears in his eyes rendered him unable to tell. He also didn't notice his fingers being more slender and sexy. His arms maintained a skinny, hairless look at they reached small, feminine shoulders. His Adam's apple disappeared, leaving a cute neck with a quickly rounding head attached to it. His lips plumped as his nose became small. Meanwhile, the color of his eyes changed to reddish as his eyelashes grew out. He felt hair tickling him all over and finally blinked away enough tears to realize he had long blonde hair.

"No! Daddy!" He cried helplessly as he felt as if his stomach were being punched over and over. He developed very feminine curves and a stomach any girl would be proud of. But that bit of fat that had been in his stomach moved upward, to his chest. He screamed as pleasure filled his body. His nipples became larger as fat built up beneath, turning his chest into a pair of giant breasts. At this point he wanted to fight against the changes...but they felt too damn good.

Especially when he started developing an adult females sexual organs. At first it hurt as his hips widened to give room for the changes. But then his tiny penis and balls went inside of his body, his penis becoming a sensitive clitoris as his balls became ovaries. Estrogen began to pump through his body as a vagina developed, giving the new girl the ability to give birth.

The final change came to her legs. They were wonderfully built and ended in a pair of small, sexy feet.

"D-dad..." Josh tried to cry but he felt a wave of emotions and memories sweep over him. Waiting for Dandy, dancing for customers, building a motorcycle. He was somehow a bimbo...while being light years smarter than Josh had ever been.

Xnolvix entered the room after the mist had cleared and helps the girl out of the restraints. "Oooh if you aren't the cutest thing I've seen? What's your name?"

"Honey!" She giggled. "Can I have my uniform please?"

Xnolvix happily handed it over. Honey put on a tight, revealing top that she had to tie to keep from revealing her breasts. She slid a tiny, revealing pair of shorts (if they can even be considered such) on her, with a heart shaped window revealing her ass. A cuff went on each arm, ankle length sports socks on her feet, and a pair of tennis shoes. Lastly she put a green headband in her hair and grinned.

"May I borrow your makeup?" Honey skipped to Xnolvix's locker after getting her approval and added eyeliner and bright lipstick. She checked herself in a mirror and posed. "Perfect!"

She made her way to the diners area and saw a man sitting alone, drinking a tall glass of alcohol. She slid into his booth.

"What's up Joel?" She grinned.

"The usual. What's up with you? Gone on any weird adventures with Dandy lately? Finally started dating him?"

"Pssh. Yeah right."

From afar, the manager looked at his work and nodded. "The memory-erasing alcohol worked too it seems. Wonderful!" He went back to his office to count stacks of money as the girls lined up for a sexy dance number.
A trade for :icondancingspartan:

Hope you like!
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Great story.
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:icondancingspartan: does like it! Thank you!
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