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Mei Casual by TGTF

Josh Scarlatina's main on Overwatch was Mei. There was no particular reason for this, other than the fact he found her to be the most adorable girl on the roster. Well, that and he enjoyed freezing people and then shooting icicles through their heads. People called him a troll and complained about his tactics constantly but he didn't care, he was content with his choice in player character and was doing quite well with her, reaching diamond rank in competitive play.

Given his obsession with Overwatch and Mei, it was only natural his best friend Shane Konno would get him a replica ice gun for Christmas. He had bought it on Ebay, shipped from a company called OverwatchHQ in China. Shane never bothered to open the box and check the gun out, he instead wanted to let Josh be the first to see the item. So on Christmas day, Josh tore open the box to find the blue gun and laughed happily, hugging Shane and twirling the weapon around. Unbeknownst to Shane, the weapon also came with a robot affixed to the top of a canister.

"The description never mentioned a robot too." Shane looked perplexed. "Oh well. I'm glad you're happy with it!"

That night, in his bedroom, Josh played around with the weapon and the robot, eventually finding an on/off switch on the bottom of the robot when he pulled it from the canister. Once the switch was flicked, LED eyes lit up on the little guy's display and he began to buzz around happily, spinning around Josh's head. His cylinders emitted blasts of cold air that made the room drop in temperature quickly. Shivering, Josh wished he had a coat to wear.

It was then he realized his feet were affixed to the ground. He couldn't move! No matter what he did his body would not respond. The robot made happy twittering noises as Josh felt himself being entirely encased in an icy cocoon.

This cannot be happening!

Inside the cocoon, he couldn't feel the changes that were happening over his body. His feet shrunk from a large male size to a more petite female size, the nails painted an icy blue color. The changes continued up to his legs, which began to expand, gaining lots of soft feminine fat. His calves were nice and curvy and then his thighs began to expand nicely as well, giving him a figure that, unbeknownst to him, was what he always wanted. As the changes reached Josh's midsection he began to be able to feel his body, perhaps even control the ice surrounding him. He felt his fists clench and suddenly, the ice cocoon burst around him, revealing his khaki pants tight against his enlarged legs and his socks totally baggy on his tiny feet.

"Holy crap..." He then noticed his surroundings were different. A sterile environment greeted his eyes (his eyesight, he noticed, was getting blurry)...a lab with a desk and computer, equipment and a couch to sleep on if she got too caught up in her work...

Wait, she? Her? What the hell?

An icy coldness began to overtake his rear, his ass inflating, becoming curvaceous and squishy. He couldn't help but squeeze his butt knowing full well what was happening. Somehow, the present Shane had given him had transported him to Mei's lab in, my lab in Antarctica! Josh was becoming his favorite Overwatch character Mei Ling-Zhou! And while most people might be afraid or freaked out by the sudden changes and the loss of his..well...identity, Josh found he couldn't be happier.

He reached for his crotch and couldn't help but enjoy himself, feeling the icy coldness become a sexual pleasure. He could feel his stomach bloating just enough, the perfect amount. This is what he wanted, to be thick and curvaceous, to be able to survive in these cold conditions, to be sexy and comfortable in this new female skin. He felt the muscles of his arms give way to feminine fat and then watched his fingers become cuter, the nails growing a bit more as they were colored the same shade as his toenails.

Before his face would change, he would become a her. Moaning softly as he reached into his pants, he rubbed his boyhood, reaching his other hand in to cup his testicles which were slowly sucking into his body. Soon enough, he...she felt her testicles go inside her and become a pair of ovaries, his sperm quickly becoming eggs. The realization she was that much closer to being a woman and could birth children made Josh rub her forming vagina with more vigor than ever, feeling her penis become a small sensitive clitoris. As she continued to touch herself, her chest expanded into a pair of breasts, the nipples firm and tingly. When they had finally finished their growing, Josh...or maybe she'd prefer to be called Mei from now on, came in the most amazing orgasm she had ever felt.

She barely had time to feel her face pudge up a bit, her facial hair falling away and her blond hair turning brunette, becoming soft and luscious. Her lips became beautiful and womanly while her nose became petite. Her eyebrows were now darker and straighter. Her features were much more Asian than they had been as Josh, and she had gained ten years of age.

Mei was complete. But she still needed her outfit.

Tossing aside all of her male clothes, she opened a closet and found everything she would need. First a pair of soft white panties, that felt wonderful against her lower regions. She then hooked the matching bra on herself, helping to support her large breasts. Next came her tight navy blue pants with aqua blue stripe that clung to her skin. A navy blue tank top followed that, then her signature coat. A belt was looped around her waist. She then put socks on and stuck her feet in the fuzzy warm boots.

Going to the mirror, Mei blushed at her new form. As if she had been doing it her whole life, she managed to pin her hair up with no trouble. She then got her glasses on and finished dressing herself with big warm gloves.

Her little robot pal, the catalyst for all these changes, nuzzled her cheek. She smiled at her reflection then struck a heroic pose for herself, giggling.

She had some instinctual knowledge of what she did and her life in this new world. It would be a few weeks before her mind completely became that of Mei (and, consequently, her soul). She'd enjoy acclimating to this new life. Her only regret as Josh was not being able to thank Shane properly for what he had done for her.

Maybe in the future she'd find a way to repay him. If she could cross into this universe, why couldn't she cross back?

Oh well, she thought, for now she'd enjoy being a heroic adventurer and scientist. Soon Overwatch would call and she'd go on her first real mission as Mei. Picking up her ice gun and with her trusty robot by her side, she couldn't wait to see where life took her next.
Excuse the awful pun that is overused as they come.  I wrote this rather quickly as a spur-of-the-moment present for :iconmastodon117: Hopefully he likies.

I'm available for trades if you wanna have yourself or a character become an Overwatch character! (And it can be any character, male, female, or no gender x3)
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Attional Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017
It's always cool Too Cool! to see someone enjoy their changes. Nice job.
themiths35 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017
Fantastic! You should definitely more overwatch stories! Maybe D.Va or pharah next?
TGTF Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I sure will at some point!'s my main so I'll prolly do that story next x3
Mastodon117 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
It was A-Mei-Zing indeed <3
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice job friend
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